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Sunday, 15 December 2019

Free Recruitment Agency Influencer Marketing Campaign

Free Recruitment Agency Influencer Marketing Campaign

My name is Christian Dillstrom and I am the global business influencer and the most read business article author in the World for the fifth year running.

I am offering a free joint influencer marketing campaign to spread awareness about a recruitment agency and me to people and businesses of the agency’s country.


The campaign will empower present and past applicants of the recruitment agency through my “The TOP Person” initiative. Each willing applicant will be taught how to publish an influencer endorsed introduction video about him in social media for free. Each posted video will include a 10 second advert of the recruitment agency.

Participating applicants will also invite their network, co-workers and friends to comment and like the posted video to gain as much peer credibility as possible. That multiplies the visibility of each video by hundreds or thousands as each comment and like the video gets will spread it into other networks. I shall teach the applicants the importance of peer credibility in my free webinars.

This is not a one-off campaign as each applicant who creates a video can do update videos at any time. In addition, the recruitment agency can encourage the applicants to do so with a monthly email message.

I shall provide my endorsement, branded video clips and a link to the needed free video compiling mobile application.

In addition, I shall host free webinars to teach applicants why and how to create an introduction video and how to use it to become influencers of their own lives.

The recruitment agency needs to deliver me an advert as a still image or as a maximum 10-second video.

The agency will also inform its current and former applicants about the opportunity.

The applicant will need to listen to my webinar, download my instructions and branded videoclips – all that free of charge, of course. He will also need to install a free application on his mobile phone.

Then he will need to shoot his introduction video, use the mobile application to compile it and upload his video to social media.

Finally, he will ask his network, co-workers and friends to comment and endorse his published video.

With this campaign I shall demonstrate businesses and other organizations of the recruitment agency’s country how to quickly and effectively gain credible, authentic and endorsed visibility in social media through their employees.

By demonstrating the power of influencer marketing to businesses and other organizations, I can change the narrative from the current “What it is” to “What is it that we can achieve with it”.

I will only charge the companies and other organizations a modest monthly service fee as influencer endorsed introduction videos is just a very basic influencer service I offer.

As I partner up with recruitment agencies, this campaign is free for them. After all, I only need to partner up with one recruitment agency per country, and there are over 40,000 of them in the UK alone.

To put it plainly, quite a massive endorsed and free visibility among business professionals.

For example, if a recruitment agency has 10,000 current and former applicants in its database, and 4,000 of them would participate in a campaign, the agency can expect 5 million people to see their advert being endorsed in social media. Best of all, that visibility can be repeated monthly.

The above estimate is based on the calculation that each participating applicant receives on average likes or comments from 50 people they know, and their endorsements will bring an average of 25 people to watch the video.

Needless to say, having an advert in this environment is very positive and effective for any brand.

The recruitment agency can also use the posted video to present the real applicant and show their clients how he is respected by his peers.

Every one of us wants to look appealing in the eyes of our current bosses, clients, co-workers, friends and other people. You want to look even better in the eyes of decision makers if you are unemployed and you are looking for your next opportunity.

Also, even our companies love employees that look respected by their peers on social media.
Applicants could already make the introduction videos, but they are rarely made as they usually do not receive many endorsements from their peers without the endorsement of the influencer.

I shall teach each applicant in my free webinars how to become an influencer of their own life by using their influencer- and peer endorsed introduction video.

The more you post in social media, the less visibility your posts will receive, as social media algorithms will spread more widely content from people who post things less frequently. Therefore, posting through recruitment agency’s present and past applicants - who are posting quite rarely - will receive a much greater visibility.

Not to mention that posting thousands of videos every month to social media platforms would also be quite difficult to manage logistically or at least require a considerable team to get it done.

In addition, only the videos posted on the applicant’s personal social media account can attract their networks, co-workers and friends to comment on and like the posted video. Without them endorsing the video and causing it to spread across their networks, a video is just a video without any meaningful marketing power.

Finally, very few applicants would be ready to have an advert of the recruitment agency in their introduction video if they would not receive an endorsement from the influencer in exchange.

No, I do not. I have no need for it as it is up to the recruitment agency to let their applicants know about the opportunity.

In addition, it is up to the recruitment agency to encourage its applicants to create and post update videos, as I shall have neither their names nor contact details.

I receive business readers to my blog from 240 countries and from all the US states every month, so if you are a recruiting agency from countries other than North Korea, Iran, Cuba or Venezuela, this offer is valid for you.

Please notice that I am not looking to partner up with many recruiting agencies per country, so I recommend contacting me quickly.

My name is Christian Dillstrom and I am the global business influencer and the most read business article author in the World for the fifth year running.

If you want to learn more about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile:
You are also welcome to connect with me as I shall accept every connection request.

The best ways to reach me are email me or talk to me in LinkedIn, or book a quick teleconference with me:

Ilmainen vaikuttajamarkkinointikampanja rekrytointiyrityksille

Ilmainen vaikuttajamarkkinointikampanja rekrytointiyrityksille

Nimeni on Christian Dillstrom ja olen globaali businessvaikuttaja sekä jo viidettä vuotta peräkkäin maailman luetuin businessartikkelien kirjoittaja.

Tarjoan rekrytointiyrityksille ilmaisen yhteiskampanjan levittämään tietoutta sekä rekrytointiyrityksestä että minusta ihmisille ja yrityksille rekrytointiyrityksen toimintamaassa.

Kampanja on suunnattu rekrytointiyrityksen vanhojen ja nykyisten hakijoiden voimaannuttamiseksi ”The TOP Person”- kampanjan kautta. Jokaiselle halukkaalle hakijalle opetetaan kuinka julkaista ilmainen, vaikuttajan suosittelema esittelyvideo itsestään sosiaalisessa mediassa. Jokaiseen julkaistuun videoon lisätään rekrytointiyrityksen oma, kymmenen sekunnin mainos.

Kampanjaan osallistuvat hakijat kutsuvat myös oman verkostonsa, työkaverit sekä ystävät kommentoimaan ja tykkäämään videosta, jotta se saisi mahdollisimman paljon vertaisuskottavuutta.

Näin jokaisen videon näkyvyys moninkertaistuu tykkäysten ja kommenttien levittäessä videota muihin verkostoihin. Ilmaisessa webinaarissa opetan hakijoille vertaisuskottavuuden tärkeyden.

Kampanja ei ole kertaluontoinen, vaan jokainen videon tehnyt hakija voi tehdä myöhemmin uusia videoita, joilla päivittää kuulumisiaan. Lisäksi rekrytointiyritys voi myös rohkaista hakijoita päivitysvideoiden tekemiseen kuukausittaisella sähköpostilla.

Tarjoan suositustani, brändätyt videoklipit ja linkin tarvittavaan vapaasti ladattavaan puhelinsovellukseen, jolla voi koostaa videoita.

Lisäksi tarjoan ilmaisia webinaareja, joissa neuvon hakijoita miksi ja kuinka esittelyvideo luodaan ja kuinka teet itsestäsi oman elämäsi vaikuttajan.

Rekrytointiyritys toimittaa minulle joko mainoskuvan yrityksestä tai enimmillään kymmenen sekunnin mittaisen mainosvideon.

Rekrytointiyritys tiedottaa vanhoja ja nykyisiä asiakkaitaan tästä mahdollisuudesta.

Hakija osallistuu webinaariin, lataa ohjeet ja brändätyt videoklipit – kaikki tämä tietysti ilmaiseksi. Hänen on ladattava myös ilmainen videoiden koostamissovellus puhelimeensa.

Tämän jälkeen hän tekee esittelyvideon, käyttää mobiilisovellusta koostamiseen ja lataa videon sosiaaliseen mediaan.

Lopuksi hän pyytää verkostoaan, työkavereitaan sekä ystäviään tykkäämään ja kommentoimaan suositeltua videoita.

Kampanjalla demonstroin suomalaisille yrityksille ja organisaatioille, kuinka saada uskottavaa, aitoa ja suositeltua näkyvyyttä nopeasti ja tehokkaasti sosiaalisessa mediassa työntekijöiden kautta.

Osoittamalla yrityksille ja muille organisaatioille vaikuttajamyynnin voiman, voin muuttaa narratiivin nykyisestä “Mitä tämä on” muotoon “Mitä tällä voidaan saavuttaa.”

Laskutan yrityksiltä ja muilta organisaatioilta ainoastaan pienen kuukausittaisen palvelumaksun, sillä vaikuttajan suosittelema video on vain tarjoamani vaikuttajapalvelun perustaso.

Muodostan rekrytointiyritysten kanssa kumppanuuksia, joten heille kampanja on ilmainen. Tavoitteenani on löytää sopiva kumppani joka maasta ja jo yksistään Britanniassa rekrytointiyrityksiä on yli 40,000.

Lyhyesti sanoen, yritys saa huomattavaa ilmaista näkyvyyttä businessihmisten parissa.

Jos rekrytointiyrityksellä on esimerkiksi 5,000 nykyistä ja vanhaa hakijaa tietokannassaan, ja 2,000 heistä osallistuu kampanjaan, rekrytointiyritys voi odottaa jopa 2,5 miljoonan ihmisen näkevän suositellun mainoksen sosiaalisessa mediassa. Parasta tässä on, että näkyvyys voidaan toistaa joka kuukausi.

Yllä esitetty arvio perustuu laskelmaan, jonka mukaan jokainen osallistuja kerää keskimäärin 50 tykkäystä tai kommenttia kontakteiltaan ja heidän suosituksensa tuovat keskimäärin 25 lisäihmistä katsomaan videota.
On sanomattakin selvää, että mainos tällaisessa ympäristössä on minkä tahansa brändin kannalta hyvin positiivinen ja tehokas.

Rekrytointiyritys voi myös käyttää hakijan postaamaa videota esitelläkseen tämän persoonaa sekä kuinka paljon hänen vertaisensa häntä arvostavat.

Me kaikki haluamme näyttää houkuttelevilta nykyisten esimiestemme, asiakkaiden, työkavereiden, ystävien ja muiden ihmisten silmissä. Vielä paremmalta haluamme näyttää päätöksentekijöiden silmissä, mikäli olemme vailla työtä ja etsimme uusia mahdollisuuksia.

Lisäksi yritykset arvostavat työntekijöitä, jotka ovat aktiivisia sekä vertaistensa arvostamia sosiaalisessa mediassa.

Hakijat voivat tehdä esittelyvideoita itsekin, mutta niitä tehdään harvoin, sillä useimmiten ne eivät saa kovin paljon vertaisten tykkäyksiä ilman vaikuttajan suositusta.

Ilmaisissa webinaareissani neuvon hakijoita, kuinka hyödyntää vaikuttajan ja vertaisten suosittelemia videoita ja päästä oman elämänsä vaikuttajaksi.

Mitä enemmän julkaiset sisältöä sosiaalisessa mediassa, sitä vähemmän näkyvyyttä julkaisusi saavat, sillä sosiaalisen median algoritmit levittävät laajemmin sisältöä, jota harvoin julkaisuja tekevät käyttäjät tuottavat. Siksi julkaiseminen rekrytointiyrityksen entisten ja nykyisten hakijoiden kautta – jotka yleensä julkaisevat melko harvoin – saavuttaa huomattavasti enemmän näkyvyyttä.

Puhumattakaan siitä, kuinka työlästä tuhansien videoiden kuukausittainen julkaiseminen sosiaaliseen median alustoilla olisi, jollei sitten organisoisi isoa tiimiä hoitamaan homman.

Lisäksi ainoastaan hakijan omalla henkilökohtaisella tilillään julkaisemat videot saavuttavat hänen oman verkostonsa, työkaverit ja ystävät kommentoimaan ja tykkäämään julkaisusta. Ilman heitä suosittelujaan video ei leviä heidän verkostoihinsa, jolloin videolle ei muodostu merkittävää markkinointivoimaa.

On myöskin huomattava, että vain harva hakija on kiinnostunut lisäämään rekrytointiyrityksen mainoksen videoonsa, jollei hän vastapalveluksena saa vaikuttajan suositusta videoonsa.

En saa. Siihen minulla ei ole myöskään tarvetta, sillä hakijoiden informointi tästä mahdollisuudesta on rekrytointiyrityksen tehtävä.

Lisäksi on rekrytointiyrityksen tehtävä hakijoiden rohkaiseminen päivitysvideoiden luomiseen ja julkaisemiseen, koska minulla ei ole heidän nimiään tai yhteystietojaan.

Joka kuukausi blogissani on miljoonia lukijoita 240 maasta, joten kaikki maat lukuun ottamatta Pohjois-Koreaa, Irania, Kuubaa tai Venezuelaa ovat tarjouksen piirissä.

Huomaathan, että en etsi montaa yhteistyökumppania per maa, joten toimi nopeasti.

Olen Christian Dillstrom, globaali businessvaikuttaja ja jo viidettä vuotta maailman luetuin businessartikkelien kirjoittaja.

Lisätietoa minusta löytyy LinkedIn-profiilistani:
Voit myös lähettää liittymispyynnön LinkedIn-verkostooni, sillä hyväksyn jokaisen niistä.

Parhaiten minut tavoittaa sähköpostitse tai ota yhteyttä LinkedInissä tai varaa nopea telekonferenssiaika:

Monday, 2 December 2019

Affordable advice for the World’s smallest business

Interview of Duncan Collins, Founder of Runagood by Christian Dillstrom

Interview of Duncan Collins, Founder of Runagood by Christian Dillstrom

My name is Christian Dillstrom and I am an international growth hacker with over 10 years of experience. Also, I am the most read business article author in the World for fourth year running.

My tens of millions of monthly global business readers just love to read interviews about their peers and therefore I started an article series in which I interview interesting business people around the globe.

Please enjoy my interview of Duncan Collins!

-- Christian Dillstrom

- - -

Duncan is 73 years old Founder from London, UK.
He works at Ltd in AI-driven Business Consultancy industry.


1. What is your education?
I was expelled from the UK’s top state grammar school for being a poor student caused by spending so much time with classmates out of school who became Pink Floyd.

I joined a motor parts business to be trained as the founder’s childless successor and embarked upon a three year management development programme at a top business school. It was the precursor to what is now a practical MBA, if there is such a thing.

2. What is your work experience?
  • 7 years managing motor parts branches
  • 3 years managing Volkswagen UK motor parts distribution
  • 13 years in the Mazda Cars UK start up first, setting up the dealer network, then directing the after sales service operations
  • 3 years directing MCL Group’s £20m diversification strategy, including Ferrari cars acquisition
  • 22 years leading UK government multi £billion small business performance improvement strategy that raised international competitiveness from 21st to 7th place
  • 10 years building artificial intelligence (AI) to make business advice available to, and affordable by, the world’s smallest businesses

3. What other kind of experience do you have?
  • Franchising
  • Import/export
  • Network management
  • People management
  • Financial management
  • Technology development
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Start ups
  • Fundraising

4. What are your strengths?
  • Visioning
  • Invention
  • Product development
  • Leadership
  • Persistence
  • Problem solving

5. What are your weaknesses?
  • Idealism
  • Perfectionism
  • Refusal to quit
  • Risk taking
  • Impatience

6. What can you do for an organization?
I can turn any professional services firm into a profitable ‘Whole Business’ Centre able to solve every problem for any business affordably yet profitably.

7. Why are you better than your colleagues in other organizations?
I have no competition. And actually that’s a problem because what I’ve invented doesn’t fit any recognisable box. It’s a ‘new box!’

8. What are the biggest challenges in your work?
Persuading accountants to convert their practices to Runagood® Business Centres. This is tailor made for them and they know it but their standard personality profile conflicts with the need to do something that will rescue them from decline in compliance work. It’s a paradox!

9. What does your organization do in its industry?
Makes affordable advice available to the world’s smallest businesses by reducing costs by 99%. Yes that’s not a a misprint! And despite that it’s still profitable for accountants to deliver. They are the most logical distribution method and are badly in need of diversification into ’whole business’ advice.

10.What are the unique selling points of your organization?
  • The speed and low cost of providing performance and value improvement to any business, anywhere, anytime
  • Democratising business advice

11.What are the biggest sales challenges in the industry of your organization?
  • Conservative attitudes amongst accountancy practices
  • Scepticism in the business advisory community, institutions and government, despite my offering free usage of the online technology.
  • A desire to shoot down anything new
  • Fear from lenders and investors.
  • Having to finance everything myself
- - -

You know, we are born with a five-million-year-old reptile brain which is programmed to instantly decide when confronted with something new:
- ”Can I eat this?”
- ”Can it eat me?”
- ...If in doubt, run!

The trick I need to master is how better to engage the recent homo sapiens brain, and for long enough, to evaluate the sheer scale of the opportunity. In the UK alone this is a £16bn per annum market for the taking. Worlwide, more than £250bn pa.

So what does Runagood® AI technology do?
For any business, anywhere, anytime, in 10 minute bites, it:
  • Analyses current, detailed performance and value for every activity stream
  • Forecasts future, detailed performance and value for every activity stream
  • Compiles detailed plans for specific and detailed performance and value improvement
  • Identifies the practical actions to take
  • Provides implementation support through a local, certified, AI Business Advisor®

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Polish Skincare Company Opens First U.S Office In West Virginia

My name is Christian Dillstrom and I am an international growth hacker with over 10 years of experience. Also, I am the most read business article author in the World for the fourth year running.

In addition, I serve my client US Southeast Region Collaborative as a Global Growth Ambassador.

As I am honored to serve this great region, it is my pleasure to publish content about US Southeast Region for my tens of millions of monthly global business readers.

-- Christian Dillstrom


BANDI Laboratories recently celebrated the opening of a sales and distribution center in Martinsburg, WV. The company plans to open a U.S. manufacturing facility within five years.

A Poland-based company that has made skincare products for more than 30 years has located its first branch in the United States.

BANDI Laboratories recently celebrated the opening of its initial sales and distribution center in Martinsburg, WV.

The office is located in The Hub, a business center and community space in downtown Martinsburg. BANDI plans to establish a U.S. manufacturing facility within the next five years.

“We are happy to be here in the beautiful state of West Virginia,” said CEO Joanna Draniak-Kicińska.

“We appreciate all the help and positive motivation we received from the state and local authorities. We strongly believe that this humble beginning will grow up into a thriving business, a significant contribution to local society.”

The family-owned business was founded in 1986 by Draniak-Kicińska’s mother, now retired. Draniak-Kicińska and her husband Michał Kiciński, together with their two young daughters, have moved to the U.S. to launch the new branch.

“On behalf of the Development Authority, I am thrilled to welcome BANDI to Berkeley County,” said Sandy Hamilton, executive director, Berkeley County Development Authority.

“They are an impressive, innovative, family company that we embrace as members of our extended business family.”

BANDI chose West Virginia as a result of a chemical/polymer trade mission organized by Discover the Real West Virginia Foundation and the West Virginia Development Office (WVDO).

The WVDO International Division recruited companies from around the world to attend this event and continued to work with BANDI afterwards by assisting the company throughout its decision process and also provided guidance on helping the family move to and settle in the U.S.


Opportunity Zones: Window Of Opportunity

My name is Christian Dillstrom and I am an international growth hacker with over 10 years of experience. Also, I am the most read business article author in the World for the fourth year running.

In addition, I serve my client US Southeast Region Collaborative as a Global Growth Ambassador.

As I am honored to serve this great region, it is my pleasure to publish content about US Southeast Region for my tens of millions of monthly global business readers.

-- Christian Dillstrom


The new federal qualified opportunity zone (QOZ) tax credits are expected to unleash up to $6 trillion in capital investment in more than 8,700 economically distressed areas in the U.S.

The U.S. Treasury Department has designated 8,764 opportunity zones (known as Qualified Opportunity Zones, or QOZs) in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories.

Nearly 35 million Americans live in areas designated as Opportunity Zones. These communities present both the need for investment and significant investment opportunities.

Based on data from the 2011-2015 American Community Survey, the designated regions had an average poverty rate of over 32 percent, compared with the 17 percent national average.

Additionally, the median family income of the designated tracts were on average 37 percent below the area or state median, and had an unemployment rate of nearly 1.6 times higher than the national average.

“We anticipate that $100 billion in private capital will be dedicated towards creating jobs and economic development in Opportunity Zones,” said U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.

“This incentive will foster economic revitalization and promote sustainable economic growth, which was a major goal of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”

The Treasury Dept. issued its first set of IRS regulations last October, clarifying which gains qualify for deferral, which taxpayers and investments are eligible, the parameters for Opportunity Funds and other guidance; a second traunch of IRS rules for QOZs was issued in April.

The Opportunity Zone incentive offers capital gains tax relief to investors for new investment in designated areas.

Investment benefits include deferral of tax on prior gains as late as 2026 if the amount of the gain is invested in an Opportunity Fund (QOF). The benefits also include tax forgiveness on gains on that investment if the investor holds the investment for at least 10 years. 

Opportunity Zones retain their designation for 10 years, but under the proposed regulations, investors can hold onto their investments in Qualified Opportunity Funds through 2047 without losing tax benefits.

Treasury’s QOZ designations were based on nominations of eligible census tracts by the state governors. Each state nominated the maximum number of eligible tracts, per statute, and these designations are final.

The statute and legislative history of the Opportunity Zone designations, under IRC § 1400Z, do not contemplate an opportunity for additional or revised designations after the maximum number of zones allowable have been designated in a state or territory.

Based on IRC 1400Z-1, designations are based upon the boundaries of the tract at the time of the designation in 2018, and do not change over the period of the designation, even if the boundaries of an individual census tract are redefined in future Census releases.

According to a report from Real Capital Analytics, there is more than $6 trillion in unrealized capital gains eligible to be deployed into QOZs.

Several states have enacted enhanced tax credits to amplify the impact of the federal QOZ program.

For example, legislation recently introduced in the Michigan State Senate would create a tax credit for qualified research and development expenses related to the automotive industry in QOZs.

S.B. 378 would allow a credit for a percentage of the difference between the taxpayer’s R&D expenses in a QOZ and expenses in a QOZ during the three-year base period, with a formula to determine the credit if the taxpayer didn’t incur qualified R&D expenses in the base period.


The wonder of OZ can be found in Kansas when stepping into Topeka.

With growing vibrancy and a palpable energy toward progress, a trip to Topeka is a trip to an emerald world of endless investment possibilities, thanks, in part, to the three new opportunity zones established here.

While other rural counties and particularly blighted city areas were also granted opportunity zones, Topeka’s are situated in a dynamic core of resurgence.

From the residential-commercial downtown to the riverfront green space to the growing NOTO arts district and the well-established industrial district, Topeka’s dynamic core is steadily becoming a huge asset to Topeka.

This variety and rejuvenation isn’t seen in other opportunity zones.

Topeka’s downtown is a mixed-use development of commercial, retail and residential.

Over the last few years, it has seen tremendous growth with the additions of new restaurants, breweries, shops and a boutique hotel. There will also be a plaza opening in the spring that gives new space for concerts and events, while also adding to the beauty and livability of the area.

These advances have helped the downtown hit a stride as one of the best spots in Topeka not only to live, but also to invest. Similar growth is happening in NOTO and the riverfront.

Local boutiques, restaurants and arts centers are reshaping the area and turning NOTO into a hub for artistic-minded individuals. In addition, parks and green spaces are beginning to pop up throughout the area, helping bring even more people to NOTO.

These areas may be going through a resurgence, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still capable of massive growth.

According to a recent study by Development Strategies, just within its dynamic core, Topeka can support 690,000 more square feet of retail, 300,000 more square feet of new or rehabbed office space, 900 new or rehabbed housing units and 200 new hotel rooms.

The city has a market and a need for business and Topeka is invested in bringing it here.

There is a reason why corporations, including Frito-Lay, Mars Chocolate, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Home Depot, Target and many more have chosen Topeka as their home. The city is situated in the middle of the U.S. with an infrastructure built for business.

Moreover, Topeka’s three opportunity zones are all situated within a few minutes of interstate highways and class I rail systems.

Within one day, goods shipped by truck reach 25 percent of the U.S. population and 90 percent by day two.

The cost of living in Topeka is 7.4 percent lower than the U.S. average and the cost of business is 15 percent less than the average as of 2018.

Topeka has the workforce to support growing companies.

Within 60 miles of Topeka, there are three universities—the University of Kansas, Kansas State University and Washburn University, along with a technical school, Washburn Institute of Technology—producing over 13,500 highly educated students graduating annually.

Washburn Tech also works closely with businesses and industries in Topeka and Shawnee County to ensure that students are learning practical skills that lead to great jobs available in the community.

If having the culture, people, business assets and infrastructure isn’t enough, stack on the aggressive local incentives. Topeka offers cash grants for jobs, investments and training.

Topeka is special because its opportunity zones are just that: opportunities. The city has a dynamic core that is growing, but ready to take on further investment.

There is a need for business and a market to support it. While other OZs may be risky, Topeka’s continued revitalization, market capability, aggressive incentives and growing workforce makes it easy to call the land of OZ “home.”



The City of Middletown makes it easy for investors who want to build quality developments.

It understands time is your money and therefore made its land use processes swift, certain and smart. 

City staff works with investors from conception to completion and beyond to ensure your project meets all of the City’s requirements, making it easy for you to complete your projects on your time and within your budget.

Middletown has a dedicated partner located downtown, the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce and its 2,500+ members. It is by far the largest Chamber in Connecticut and the 2nd largest in New England.

The City and Chamber are partners on all things economic development. They work together to ensure your project is successful by helping you through the approval process, promoting it once it is done and helping you recruit tenants.

Middletown invites you to look into its Opportunity Zone, which is strategically placed in the center of its historic downtown. The City owns a ready-to-develop site which overlooks the scenic Connecticut River.

It comprises two City-owned lots which, taken together, total approximately 2.3 acres. In addition, there is an adjacent private one-acre lot. It is easily walkable to more than 60 restaurants and dozens of retailers and entertainment venues.

The City site currently is a parking lot for both City employees and the public. It is a short walk (500 feet) to the heart of Main Street. An automobile business, which is constrained by its site, owns the private property.

The three lots total approximately 3.3 acres. City staff will arrange all meetings with City leaders and the private property owner to discuss your Opportunity Zone project.

This site is in the City’s B1 Downtown Zone which allows, by right, the traditional downtown uses, including retail, residential, entertainment and office. The regulation allows mixed use. The B1 Zone is its most broadly-based zone.

There are fabulous views, in both directions, of the scenic Connecticut River from this site.

Plus, the Connecticut Department of Transportation has a plan to connect this site to the City’s Harbor Park via a walking bridge over Connecticut Route 9. It will connect to an existing City walkway to Main Street. So the site will be connected to both Main Street and Harbor Park.

The City has completed the environmental studies and, as public documents, will share them with prospective developers. They show minimal contamination.

They also have numerous studies, including one for expanding Harbor Park along the river for a mile, a downtown residential study and a market analysis.

There are three major downtown employers which could provide any investor an ample source of residential tenants.

Wesleyan University with its 2,950 students and 650 staff; Middlesex Health with 3,000 staff; and the Community Health Center and its 300+ plus staff are all less than a half-mile, a ten-minute walk, from the site.

Staff will arrange meetings with these and other businesses to assist you in marketing your Opportunity Zone project.

Middletown and its economic development partners will help you all the way through the process from conception, to approval and beyond construction.

These Opportunity Zone sites, taken together, are ready for the right developer who understands a small, vibrant City like Middletown.

The City is home to four major industry clusters. Pratt & Whitney (PW) anchors the aerospace cluster. It assembles jet engines for both commercial and military purposes in its 400,000+square-foot plant. 

PW is supported by more than 20 sub-contractors in town. Together PW and its contractors support more than 3,000 aerospace jobs.

Both Middlesex Health and the Community Health Center anchor the City’s health sector along with other health services providers.

Middletown’s distribution and logistics cluster features newcomer FedEx (535,000 square feet), Electrical Wholesalers, Thames River Paper and Winsupply, among others.

The City’s strategic location on I-91 and one-day drive to Ohio, Virginia and Canada makes the region attractive to logistics companies.

The City’s central location also has attracted more than a dozen engineering firms. These firms, along with PW and its contractors, have made Middletown a mecca for engineers.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and early-stage businesses now have a home in the Chamber’s Middletown Entrepreneurs Work Space (MEWS+). It is a place for them to co-work, learn from each other and take advantage of the Chamber’s wrap-around services. 

The MEWS+’s “Lunch and Learn” programs and monthly pitch contest, “Collision”, continue to bring entrepreneurs from around the region to Middletown. The City is home to more than 300 businesses being operated out of the homes.

Middletown, its economic development partners and business community welcome new investors and businesses.



Located in the four states region of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas, the Parsons Kansas Federal Opportunity Zone, officially registered as zone #20099950400, is a short distance from major markets such as Joplin, MO (60 miles); Tulsa, OK (90 miles); Springfield, MO (120 miles); Wichita, KS (130 miles); and Kansas City, MO (150 miles).

It also is 90 miles from Tulsa’s Port of Catoosa and 130 miles from the intermodal facility at Kansas City’s Logistics Park.

The central location creates easy solutions to logistical challenges and is second to only the commitment of the local economic development department to be a true partner with any project that is located in the zone.

Tax incentives through neighborhood revitalization programs that offer 100 percent for ten years to qualified commercial development also are a part of the attractiveness of this Southeast Kansas location.

An active industrial park currently sits within City limits and within the Zone offering pre-designated commercial and industry opportunities, available buildings and full utilities, including high speed data. 

The Zone also sits Adjacent to the Great Plains Industrial Park, a former Army ammunition plant recently decommissioned that now provides more than 6,000 acres ready for development along with a 24/7 secured perimeter and specialized storage and warehousing space.

Situated in Labette County, just outside of the city limits of Parsons in Southeast Kansas, Great Plains offers globally competitive opportunities for your business.

Its central location in the U.S. and on-site assets at the park allow for ease of access to all major markets.

The acreage that comprises the industrial park was originally amassed to form the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant (KSAAP) during WWII. Today, the park encompasses 13,951 total acres.

Of this total acreage, approximately 6,800 acres are owned by Great Plains Development Authority and are ripe for redevelopment.

With the availability to break the property into various tract sizes, Great Plains can accommodate the needs of your business. 

The industrial park’s existing infrastructure includes:
  • 106 miles of roadways
  • 30 miles of rail directly connected to the Union Pacific (including an in-place switch off of the main line)
  • Water and wastewater plants owned and operated by Great Plains
  • Kansas’ lowest electric rates through Westar Energy
  • On-site AT&T fiber optics

Industries such as industrial hemp and alternative energy generation already are being researched for potential location within the Zone while workforce needs are being directly addressed by Labette Community College, located in Parsons, through their new workforce training and education program.

The program features a brand-new facility, with course and certificate curriculum created through direct input from local industry.

The city also serves as the area’s medical center with the 600 employee Labette Health located within the zone as well, offering additional commercial development opportunities.



The City of Sanford, FL has become an economic driver for the Central Florida region. The last four years have been one of the biggest growth cycles in Sanford history.

New development is being proposed in Sanford that will create hundreds of new jobs, additional housing and a variety of new restaurants.

New life continues to be breathed into the City of Sanford, especially in the downtown area. From West First Street down to Mellonville Avenue and from South Sanford Avenue to the Marina Isle, there is new development taking place.

The area surrounding Seminole Town Center is still seeing economic activity. From Seminole Boulevard down to Seminole State College one can see plenty of new infill development. Hundreds of new jobs are being created.

Heritage Park, Sanford’s planned mixed-use development for downtown is still being planned. The City currently is planning all the infrastructure for the project. Construction should begin very soon.

This time next year, we should see new vertical construction for new residential units downtown. Many construction jobs will be created over the next several years during the construction of this major catalyst project.

The rehabilitation of the old Mayfair Hotel is still on track to open by the fall of 2020. Final plans currently are being designed.

Over a hundred new full time jobs will be created to operate the new Five Star facility, not to mention the additional construction jobs being created over the next two years.

Sanford currently is experiencing major economic growth in the hospitality sector. Several new craft breweries have opened this past year and are doing very well.

There are a couple more currently being planned, plus a distillery on Second Street. Two new mixed-use developments currently are being planned for Sanford Avenue, with another major mixed-use development sited for the block on Second Avenue between Oak St. and Myrtle St.

The third phase of the Riverwalk will soon be designed and construction will begin for the completion of the trail from the 415 bridge to the I-4 bridge over the St. Johns River by the fall of 2020.

A full marathon is being planned in partnership with Deltona/Volusia County around Lake Monroe upon the completion of the 25+ mile trail.

As part of Sanford’s economic development strategic plan, the City has identified four major targeted industries: aviation/aerospace, medical technology, transportation/logistics and manufacturing.

The City works hard in recruiting new companies and in the retention and expansion of its existing companies.

The City has assisted in the creation of over 300 new high wage, high value jobs over the last year. Several of these companies include: Hernon Manufacturing, Constant Aviation, Quantum Flo, Benada Aluminum, Allegiant Airlines and Avocet.

The City will continue to work in partnership with Enterprise Florida, the Orlando Economic Development Partnership and Seminole County to provide incentives to assist in the creation of new employment opportunities.

Along with great community and regional partnerships, the City of Sanford really is becoming a more economically vibrant community. Perceptions are becoming a reality.