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Biography of Christian Dillstrom

Biography of Christian Dillstrom

Christian Dillstrom

I am currently a global business influencer whose content is read by over 10 million businesspeople a month.

In that capacity, I am also a strategic advisor to The Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates, LinkedIn 2.0, Lunch Circle, The Global Movement of Hope, and a Global Honorary Member of Marketing, Digital & PR Committee of Della Business Leaders Club.

I have the know-how and experience to be a business influencer, as I have done 113 marketing and sales innovations during my career, I have growth hacked over 60% of the TOP 100 global brands, and my content has had tens of millions monthly business readers since the early 2015.

I am the co-founder of $Share cryptocurrency for the charity sector accepted by the United Nations.

I am currently hiring 50 people to use the social media marketing tool I invented and coded to send direct, non-spammy messages about $Share to 1 million targeted LinkedIn members per month without violating the terms and conditions of LinkedIn.

In addition, I am the founder, owner, and director of The TOP Person charity.

In two years, using a zero budget, The TOP Person has grown from zero to 20 million followers, and 3,500 ambassadors that operate in 141 countries. The TOP Person is now in growth mode to reach 100 million followers by the end of 2022.

In the first two years, free members of The TOP Person Ambassador program have made proven sales of over USD $360 million because of our program.

I am also Editor-in-Chief of a global The TOP Person business magazine, which is viewed by over 10.2 million businesspeople per month.

Our authors come from The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider, BBC, LinkedIn Influencers, and TopVoices, as well as TED. I aim to reach 50 million readers by the end of 2022.

The TOP Person charity and magazine are just my hobbies.

So, I think I have the experience and powers to help you and your organization no matter where you reside in the World.

Why don't we talk - please send me a connection request with the word 'Blog' in a personalized note and I shall arrange us a teleconference.